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Cacoethes meaning

cacoethes - 2 dictionary results

  1. 1. A bad quality or disposition in a disease; an incurable ulcer.
  2. 2. A bad custom or habit; an insatiable desire; as, cacoethes scribendi, The itch for writing.

cacoethes - examples of usage

  1. The noticeable feature of all this irruption of the cacoethes scribendi was the direct appeal to the Bible for the settlement not only of strictly theological controversies but of points of social and political ethics also. - "German Culture Past and Present", Ernest Belfort Bax.
  2. Had our learned author, the modern Sangerado, confined himself to facts and to reasoning on the constitution, he might have continued to write without interruption from its opposers, until by instructing others, he had obtained that instruction which he seems to need, or a temporary relief from the inenviable malady, the cacoethes scribendi; but his frequent misrepresentations having exposed him to suspicions that as a disciple of Mandeville he was an advocate for vice, or that to correct his curiosity some humourist has palmed on him a spurious history of the proceedings of the federal convention, and exhibited his credulity as a subject of ridicule, it is proper to set him right in facts, which, in almost every instance he has misstated. - "Essays on the Constitution of the United States", Paul Leicester Ford.
  3. If, however, I may mention my own small experience of this matter, literary talent, or at all events authorship, is hereditary, especially in these days of that general epidemic, the " cacoethes scribendi." - "My Life as an Author", Martin Farquhar Tupper.
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