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Byssus meaning

byssus - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. A cloth of exceedingly fine texture, used by the ancients. It is disputed whether it was of cotton, linen, or silk.
  2. 2. A tuft of long, tough filaments which are formed in a groove of the foot, and issue from between the valves of certain bivalve mollusks, as the Pinna and Mytilus, by which they attach themselves to rocks, etc.
  3. 3. An obsolete name for certain fungi composed of slender threads.
  4. 4. Asbestus.

byssus - examples of usage

  1. He sat bare- headed beneath a parasol of byssus which was carried by a Negro behind him. - "Salammbo", Gustave Flaubert.
  2. When all was finished, the corpse was left 70 days in a solution of soda, and then wrapped in bandages of byssus spread over with gum. - "The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers", Georg Ebers.
  3. Czermak have proved that byssus is linen, not cotton. - "The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers", Georg Ebers.
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