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Bulletproof meaning

bulletproof - 2 dictionary results

  1. 1. not penetrable by bullets; " bulletproof glass"; " bulletproof vest"
  2. 2. without flaws or loopholes; " an ironclad contract"; " a watertight alibi"; " a bulletproof argument"

bulletproof - examples of usage

  1. Your Tandem is become far more renowned than the Bulletproof coach, and your horse Bob, is far more famous already than the charger of old Blucher. - "Memoirs of Henry Hunt, Esq. Volume 3", Henry Hunt.
  2. " I'm wearing a bulletproof vest; Mick McKenna loaned it to me yesterday," Rand enlightened Varcek. - "Murder in the Gunroom", Henry Beam Piper.
  3. At that, he'd have probably killed me, if I hadn't been wearing that bulletproof vest of McKenna's. - "Murder in the Gunroom", Henry Beam Piper.
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