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Brass meaning

brass - 7 dictionary results

  1. 1. An alloy ( usually yellow) of copper and zinc, in variable proportion, but often containing two parts of copper to one part of zinc. It sometimes contains tin, and rarely other metals.
  2. 2. A journal bearing, so called because frequently made of brass. A brass is often lined with a softer metal, when the latter is generally called a white metal lining. See Axle box, Journal Box, and Bearing.
  3. 3. Coin made of copper, brass, or bronze.
  4. 4. Impudence; a brazen face.
  5. 5. Utensils, ornaments, or other articles of brass.
  6. 6. A brass plate engraved with a figure or device. Specifically, one used as a memorial to the dead, and generally having the portrait, coat of arms, etc.
  7. 7. Lumps of pyrites or sulphuret of iron, the color of which is near to that of brass.

brass - examples of usage

  1. " Well, Mr. Footley," says I, " for my own private opinion, when you've got a nice brass plite in the middle, an' nice brass 'andles each end, there's nothin' like hoak." - "Liza of Lambeth", W. Somerset Maugham.
  2. They had frequently heard him speak in public- he was generally on the platform when any local movement was in progress- and could not understand why he was put up there to address the audience, unless it was for his infinite brass. - "Hodge and His Masters", Richard Jefferies.
  3. My hands, legs, and feet seemed formed of ice, my head of burning brass. - "The Frozen Pirate", W. Clark Russell.
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