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Bourgeoisie meaning

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bourgeoisie - examples of usage

  1. The British happy- go- lucky ways of marriage are not those of the French bourgeoisie, and Jeanne had no notion of British happy- go- lucky ways. - "The Rough Road", William John Locke.
  2. Herr von Osternau objected to this remark of his cousin's, but Albrecht maintained that he was right, and there ensued a sharp war of words, in which Albrecht showed himself a thorough conservative aristocrat, despising all, even the most cultivated, of the bourgeoisie, and quite unable to conceive how a Candidate could prefer any claim to be received in what he called society, while the elder cousin with much greater persistence expressed his liberal views and declared that he required that the Herr Lieutenant should treat their new inmate with the courtesy due to every man of culture, whatever might be his social standing. - "Quicksands", Adolph Streckfuss.
  3. In other words, we end up with a situation in which state power, in place of the bourgeoisie, carries out oppression and exploitation. - "Down-with-the-Cities", Nakashima, Tadashi.
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