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Bestow meaning

bestow - 7 dictionary results

  1. 1. bestow a quality on; " Her presence lends a certain cachet to the company"; " The music added a lot to the play"; " She brings a special atmosphere to our meetings"; " This adds a light note to the program"
  2. 2. To use; to apply; to devote, as time or strength in some occupation.
  3. 3. To expend, as money.
  4. 4. To give in marriage.
  5. 5. To give or confer; to impart; - with on or upon.
  6. 6. To demean; to conduct; to behave; - followed by a reflexive pronoun.
  7. 7. To give; to confer.

bestow - examples of usage

  1. What if my parents are in a mean station, yet they pay for my education of dancing and singing which they bestow upon me, and though, perhaps, I am not so well descended as some of you, though you may be mistaken, yet Heaven might have made your case the same had it thought fit.
  2. But the desire to communicate something of the very greatest importance possessed him completely; he still wished to bestow this gift upon some other human being; he sought their company. - "Night and Day", Virginia Woolf.
  3. But I am convinced now that we did exactly right, and that she was wise never to bestow another thought upon him. - "A Fearful Responsibility and Other Stories", William D. Howells.
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