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Bedded meaning

bedded - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. having a bed or beds as specified
  2. 2. deposited or arranged in horizontal layers; " stratified rock"
  3. 3. of Bed
  4. 4. Provided with a bed; as, double- bedded room; placed or arranged in a bed or beds.

bedded - examples of usage

  1. M shows the position of the machines on the south side of the factory, with the direction of extensions, and E, E the compartments in which the engines are bedded.
  2. It cracked beneath him, and he sprang hastily up and took another, from which he could see out of a window, and into a trim little garden where plants were bedded out in small beds neatly cut in shaved green turf.
  3. The better and later sorts should be bedded in wood- wool and wrapped in tissue paper, white or coloured, with a sheet of paper between each layer, and the whole firmly packed.
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