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Beck meaning

beck - 7 dictionary results

  1. 1. See Beak.
  2. 2. A small brook.
  3. 3. A vat. See Back.
  4. 4. To nod, or make a sign with the head or hand.
  5. 5. To notify or call by a nod, or a motion of the head or hand; to intimate a command to.
  6. 6. A significant nod, or motion of the head or hand, esp. as a call or command.
  7. 7. A sign with the hand or head.

beck - examples of usage

  1. Saith the lord of saint Leonard's: " The brotherhood Will ring and never tire For a beck or a nod of the Baron good;"- Saith Sir Wilfrid: " They will- for hire!"
  2. I cannot lead you to a castle and place crowds of liveried servants at your beck and call; but I can make you mistress of an honorable English home, independent of the bounty of strangers.
  3. Then he was a midshipman in a cockpit, at the beck and order of a dozen or twenty masters.
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