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Beacon meaning

beacon - 8 dictionary results

  1. 1. A signal fire to notify of the approach of an enemy, or to give any notice, commonly of warning.
  2. 2. A signal or conspicuous mark erected on an eminence near the shore, or moored in shoal water, as a guide to mariners.
  3. 3. A high hill near the shore.
  4. 4. That which gives notice of danger.
  5. 5. To give light to, as a beacon; to light up; to illumine.
  6. 6. To furnish with a beacon or beacons.
  7. 7. A signal fire or light; a light- house.
  8. 8. To act or serve as a beacon.

beacon - examples of usage

  1. Alarm was to be given " by distinctly discharging three muskets, or by continual beat of the drum, or firing the beacon, or discharging a pesse of ordnance, and every trained soldier is to take the alarm immediately on paine of five pound."
  2. Reaching an elevated spot of ground that commanded a view of the surrounding country, he had his attention called by old Paul to the beacon- fires visible in the gathering darkness on the distant mountain- tops.
  3. By the light of a newly kindled beacon in their rear Richard could see, through his field- glass, that a body of horsemen was already in hot pursuit.
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