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Barbarism meaning

barbarism - 5 dictionary results

  1. 1. An uncivilized state or condition; rudeness of manners; ignorance of arts, learning, and literature; barbarousness.
  2. 2. A barbarous, cruel, or brutal action; an outrage.
  3. 3. An offense against purity of style or language; any form of speech contrary to the pure idioms of a particular language. See Solecism.
  4. 4. A word or expression not in good use; uncivilized state; rudeness of manners; ignorance of art and literature.
  5. 5. Savageness; an incorrect form of speech.

barbarism - examples of usage

  1. " No. This was a race which was still growing from barbarism, at about the same level as the Hirlaji themselves. - "Warlord of Kor", Terry Gene Carr.
  2. But this race simply isn't as old as the Outsiders; they came out of barbarism thousands of years after the Outsiders had left those dead cities we've been finding. - "Warlord of Kor", Terry Gene Carr.
  3. We've traced their history back practically to the point of complete barbarism. - "Warlord of Kor", Terry Gene Carr.
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