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Arbitrament meaning

arbitrament - 3 dictionary results

  1. 1. Determination; decision; arbitration.
  2. 2. The award of arbitrators.
  3. 3. Decision of an arbiter; award; choice.

arbitrament - examples of usage

  1. Other issues were not susceptible of such definite arbitrament, but in general the Commission, striving to hold the scales of justice even, followed the rule of fifty- fifty.
  2. It is the opening decade of the twentieth century of the Christian era; it is time that brute force- the recourse of primitive, barbaric man- cease to be the last arbitrament between great nations calling themselves Christian and civilized, and that the Conservation of peace be established by international arbitration.
  3. Those who defy law, and scout constitutional obligation, will, if we ever reach the arbitrament of arms, find occupation enough at home.
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