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Apothegm meaning

apothegm - 1 dictionary results

  1. 1. Alt. of Apophthegm

apothegm - examples of usage

  1. The trouble with Riderhood's apothegm is that it supplies an endless excuse for not doing it. - "From the Easy Chair, series 2", George William Curtis.
  2. Unknown Egyptians, graving hieroglyphs; Hindus, with hymn and apothegm and endless epic; Hebrew prophet, with spirituality, as in flames of lightning, conscience like red- hot iron, plaintive songs and screams of vengeance for tyrannies and enslavement; Christ, with bent head, brooding love and peace, like a dove; Greek, creating eternal shapes of physical and aesthetic proportion; Roman, lord of satire, the sword, and the codex,- of the figures, some far off and veiled, others near and visible; Dante, stalking with lean form, nothing but fibre, not a grain of superfluous flesh; Angelo, and the great painters, architects, musicians; rich Shakespeare, luxuriant as the sun, artist and singer of Feudalism in its sunset, with all the gorgeous colors, owner thereof, and using them at will;- and so to such as German Kant and Hegel, where they, though near us, leaping over the ages, sit again, impassive, imperturbable, like the Egyptian gods. - "Birds and Poets", John Burroughs.
  3. In fact, I really do like music, especially if tuneful and melodious, in spite of Wagner's apothegm, but some symphonies might be better if curtailed,- except only Schubert's,- but then his best is the Unfinished, and so the shortest. - "My Life as an Author", Martin Farquhar Tupper.
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