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Accomplishment meaning

accomplishment - 3 dictionary results

  1. 1. The act of accomplishing; entire performance; completion; fulfillment; as, the accomplishment of an enterprise, of a prophecy, etc.
  2. 2. That which completes, perfects, or equips thoroughly; acquirement; attainment; that which constitutes excellence of mind, or elegance of manners, acquired by education or training.
  3. 3. Completion; elegant acquirement.

accomplishment - examples of usage

  1. His principal other accomplishment is to carry up the newspaper, after it has been read by the gentleman downstairs, to his mistress in the drawing- room, when he receives a cake as his reward. - "Stories of Animal Sagacity", W.H.G. Kingston.
  2. They are prepared to receive you as a friend, and are delighted to find that you possess the accomplishment of speaking French." - "Paddy Finn", W. H. G. Kingston.
  3. If they have any permanent value, it is because of their showing, so far as the writer's part in the matter is concerned, what things were attempted and what things failed of accomplishment. - "A Short History of the Book of Common Prayer", William Reed Huntington.
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